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Clare George-Hilley, director

Clare George-Hilley is a former Croydon Conservative Councillor and has several years of international aid experience working across Africa.

As a director of the Africa Accelerate Project, she supports The Glove Project in The Gambia and has volunteered with Street Child in Sierra Leone as well as aid projects in Kenya.

Clare has also conducted national media work including The Evening StandardThe Sunday Telegraph and the Sunday Express.

Clare is also a member of the Conservative Party, which she joined whilst at school.



Clare has also worked as a school governor for seven years and volunteered several times as a mentor for  various local charities in London.

In 2007 Clare was selected to travel to New Zealand as contestant on the BBC One Castaway programme.

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Authored articles

The brutal and ruthless kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls has shocked the world, leading to condemnation from global leaders including former Prime Minister Tony Blair. But the incident is the latest in a much wider problem of Islamic extremism that is engulfing many African countries.

The continent has long been plagued by challenges of poverty and war, with several countries sharply divided between Christianity and Islam, some moderate and some extreme. I have spent a great deal of time in both East and West Africa and witnessed first-hand varying degrees to which these two religions co-exist. Unfortunately, I have also witnessed worrying examples of the perversion of both religions.

These terrorist attacks have cast a grim shadow over some of Africa’s most forward-looking countries and created an environment of danger that not only threatens the African people, but is putting Britain’s national security at risk. This tragic scenario contrasts heavily with the huge strides made in the continent over the last few years, perfectly summarised by Nigerian novelist and poet Lola Shoneyin when she said, “Look one way and my country is booming. Look another and there’s poverty and fear.”

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